Panda Express

where i wish i had eaten it

Sister 2 here. Above you can see an bowl empty except for the dregs of the Panda Express I bought last night; it counted as two meals for me, with plenty of broccoli and chow mein. What can I say but “Om nom nom?” It was fairly delicious, except American Chinese food will never beat out legitimate Chinese food, of course. I used the bowl Sister 1 bought me and started on my eco-friendly journey with Mom’s metal chopsticks. I’m also avoiding an essay I have to write for Writ-140, and so I included as a background for my food a picture taken two winters ago when it snowed and we made a snow bunny. Note me wearing Dad’s silly Russian hat and Sister 1’s ridiculous orange winter coat. As for my other meals, I’ve been eating salads and fish from the wonderful EVK and Parkside dining halls. I hear Sister 1 and Sister 3 are eating spaghetti for dinner tonight. I’m jealous.


One Comment on “Panda Express”

  1. He he he. I love your photoshop job, meggers.

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