The Master’s Dinner

Hello all! I have just come back from my residence dorm’s weekly Master’s Dinner, where we get better food and desserts as well as some excellent company in the form of professors and other smart people. I had some pasta, a piece of chicken, and many a vegetable; I’m in great danger of turning completely vegetarian here, yikes! Most of the meat at EVK is unsightly, but then I remember Checker’s and Chick-Fil-A, and I just can’t do it. For dessert, I had a cream puff, an eclair, and some good vanilla ice cream in, get this, a glass bowl. Crazy, right? As you can tell from the pictures below, I’ve secluded myself in my room for study homework school time…which really just means Tumblr/taking pictures of myself for this blog time! Also, some excellent news: I had my first Freshman Seminar on food and community in Russia. You know what that means? Yes, Russian food!!! I get to write an essay on food, and that’s all I really have to do for the class, besides learn about Russian culture and history, which, as a dork, I’m supremely excited about. One of my books for the class, A Taste of Russia, has Russian recipes in it, so if the Sisters are interested, I’ll bring it home for Christmas, and we can try some of them out! I can’t hardly wait.

what i won at dinner! just hope the mini's ready for some trojan pride. fight on!

russian recipe time! the cover is hilarious.

Sister 2


One Comment on “The Master’s Dinner”

  1. your photoshop skillz are superior
    yay for russian recipes/trying them out for christmas time, haha

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