the Indian food edition

So the most exciting place I’ve eaten lately is probably this Indian restaurant down the street off-campus from Parkside. It was my first real Indian restaurant, and it was like a food orgasm explosion in my mouth, for lack of better words. I got the vegetable biryani, and it came with this amazing sauce on the side; it was like fried rice and curry maybe, and I have to admit, better than Chinese fried rice to me! They gave me such a huge bowl, it lasted for the next two meals! So, so good. My friends ate at the buffet, and the dessert was super delicious and not too sweet at all. What was better, though, was exploring the Indian food market next door. Crazy foods! Other than that, I’ve mostly been eating in the on-campus dining halls except for Wendy’s (so so good) one night. Wendy’s is the best fast food for when you’re starving and on the go. Mmm. Well, I just got back from a three hour lunch break at Parkside, so it’s time for a nap!

At the Indian restaurant with Jessica and Katrina (not pictured: Hema, Shveta, and Nikita). Can you see that huge bowl of rice?!

Me and Katrina in the Indian market fooling around. Caption on my bag of food: "Fun ...non-stop!" (Ignore the huge bags under my eyes, I lost a lot of sleep that weekend!)


2 Comments on “the Indian food edition”

  1. Ashley says:

    Hey its me ashley and amber!!! 😀 how are u guys doin?

  2. Looks yummy! I love love love indian food. Jealous 😛

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