of care packages and food for studying

First of all, I loved the care package I recieved for my birthday from Sister 1, Sister 3, and Mom and Dad! The cookies are top-notch, and I think I like the ones with the jam center the best (thanks, Mom!). You have no idea how these cookies saved my stomach while I tried to study in my room this week. Most of the time I can’t concentrate, so I usually head to Ground Zero, a student-run coffee house, with some friends until midnight, when it closes. Then, we either head up to the guys’ floor at Marks Tower or to the lounge in Marks Hall, which is an excellent place to study after midnight. Before midnight, as I discovered tonight, it’s less a place to study and more a place to play piano, the cello, or the ukelele in. It was entertaining, but eventually, I gave up and just caught up on my Facebook notifications. Notifications are what make me hate my birthday sometimes, haha. Anyways, I had an excellent time with the candy included in either the birthday care package or the one before that; below, you’ll find pictures of me with the Nerds (ingenious box!) as well as my friend Danielle and me with our late-night meals. Thank goodness for the exercise machines in the New lobby, or I think I’d have a triple chin by now. Would my systers still love me? Maybe, maybe not. Ha! We’re going out for a legitimate sushi lunch tomorrow as well as heading to the LA County Fair that afternoon, so I’ll write about good eats and fair food (cotton candy!) later this weekend.

Til then,
Sister 2

me and a box of half-and-half nerds. delicious!

i was obsessed with the separation of the flavors at the moment. give me a break, it was definitely 3 in the morning at the time!

avocado sushi and a tuna sandwich to share 🙂 add in some strong tea to keep me awake, and then i can write a paper. om nom nom.


3 Comments on “of care packages and food for studying”

  1. Maya says:

    NO GIVE ME MY NERDS! I MUST HAVE THEM! anyways lemonade is my fav and i’ve been having my equal share of them at Mathanasium eating Nerd’s Ropes

  2. 456maya67 says:


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