The LA County Fair: good eats and rides abound!

Sister 2 here. It’s been a while, but I’ve finally decided to take a little time off studying (!!!) to at last write about my food adventures at the LA County Fair a few weekends ago. I went with my friends Danielle, Emily, and Jessica, aka Bojangles, Emzie Poo, and Bowflex Machine, respectively. The first thing we did when we got there? You guessed it: FOOD. The ride over there was an hour long, and we were starving by the time we reached the food. Emzie Poo and Bojangles had shrimp and chips, Bowflex Machine got boba (!!!) and fried rice, and I had nachos grande. I couldn’t even finish mine, it was so much! Om nom nom. After that, we walked around, explored a photo booth, went to a two-part pig and duck race, visited the petting zoo, and treated ourselves to dessert. Bojangles and I braved one of the crazy rides while Emzie Poo watched from the safety of the ground, haha! For dessert, I had a frozen (not-Bluth)banana with nuts, Bojangles had a frozen (not-Bluth)banana with sprinkles, and Emzie Poo got blue and red shaved ice. Mmm. Overall, a fantastic day with fantastic food. Mmm.

my HUGE meal!

From the left, Emzie Poo, Bojangles, and Bowflex Machine with their food

om nom nom boba om nom

sadly, not Bluth bananas, but still good.

photobooth adventures!

ba ba black with my own kind!

i miss my sisters. i’ll post some pictures of my six flags food soon!


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