Foods of Vermont

Dear Sisters,

I will post pictures when I get the chance! Dinner in vermont has been pretty good; noodles, pasta, and seafood..there is always fresh bread and cheese 🙂 Maple syrup appears to be in mass quantities here, so I always add it to oatmeal in the morning. Delicious! The other day, I went to a bakery/diner in the nearby town Jeffersonville, where they had a giant bread oven (almost the size of two or three cloests…probably bigger!) and I watched one of the bakers kneading dough and putting it in little bread pans! Amazing, right? Local food and produce is always around here, so it  feels good to eat knowing you are keeping with the seasons and eating healthy. Also, vermont is beautiful and leaves are changing colors very quickly. It snowed the other day! Scary. I love you guys very much and can’t wait to start planning our thanksgiving feast 🙂



Sister 1


3 Comments on “Foods of Vermont”

  1. Maya says:


  2. Maya says:

    oh ,yes! fresh turkey, gravy, and yummy things!

  3. megacheesey says:

    mmm, vermont sounds beautiful and delicious. the chilly weather here has put me in a fall mood, i’m jealous of your changing leaves.

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