late-night snackage

New discovery: college has revamped my taste buds completely to the point where a pizza slice covered in nacho cheese, grated cheese, feta cheese, avocado hummus, jalepeños, and sour cream tastes absolutely delicious. Also, french fries with whipped cream? Never has anything tasted so good. Therefore, I’m glad Thanksgiving break is coming up so I can go home and be reminded what real food is. Other than the food items mentioned above, I haven’t eaten anything that noteworthy lately. However, we’re getting Denny’s for my Writing-140 class on Monday. Mmm, breakfast foods! Which reminds me, I’m meeting some friends for breakfast in a few minutes. Gotta go! (And yes, it’s still breakfast even though it’s nearly 2 in the afternoon. Lazy sundays!)

Sister 2

PS I miss my sisters so so so much. Thanksgiving can’t come soon enough!!!

Eddie about to devour the frog eggs from our frog dissection in my bio lab. Eek!


2 Comments on “late-night snackage”

  1. When I was little, I totally thought boba was frog eggs!! Especially when overcooked and the middle part became chewy, ewwwww.

    BTW Melody would not appreciate your collegiate taste!! What happened to the foodie in you?

  2. megacheesey says:

    she has returned due to delicious eats over thanksgiving! mmm, that deep fried turkey was so good…i didn’t know ivan was such a good cook! either way, i’m back to granola and yogurt, pita bread with avocado hummus, and other such simple taste bud delights. huzzah!

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