red velvet cookies/whoopie pies

low and behold, we finally made some red velvet something. sister 3 has been begging to make a cake forever, but I felt like doing a twist on red velvet somehow, and came across this beautiful recipe from bakerella.  Red Velvet Cookies

the two best things: red velvet cookies + a marshmallow filling.

the marshmallow filling we made way too much due to a miscalculation on my part, but we found it off this website. I would say just half it, for future reference. see here: A Busy Nest: Red Velvet Whoopie Pies

it wasn’t hard at all, but the consistency of the batter for the red velvet cookie part was a little bizarre and super gooey – it seemed too dry, so then I added more egg which then made it super duper gooey, so then I added flour…not really sure what happened, we may have had a bigger bag of mix than we were supposed to, but otherwise it turned out deliciously.

also, red so red. hands were red. everything in the kitchen seemed tinged with red. agh.




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