omelette – ketchup – rice

It’s funny, I think all of our favorite dishes that Mom made when we were young were always the simplest. Grilled Cheese. Potato Salad. Steamed egg. Ramen noodles. And Omelette-Ketchup-Rice. I don’t know the real name, but it’s basically a popular quick-and-easy lunch meal in Japan, as well as in Taiwan and other asian countries I presume. I made it last night around 10 pm, and it was quite filling and delicious.


  • Rice (made drier, less water – and warmed up a bit)
  • Diced Vegetables – usually onion, carrots, peas, scallions
  • 1 piece of ham
  • Canola oil (2 tbsp)
  • Ketchup
  • 2 eggs
  • Salt and Pepper (to your taste)
  1. Add oil to pan; sautee onions and carrots first. Gradually add other vegetables and ham except for the scallions!
  2. After 3-4 minutes, add rice. If rice has been refrigerated, press it down using spatula (aka flatten out to soften)
  3. Add salt and pepper to your taste; then, ketchup. Add ketchup until rice is mildly orange/reddish – basically to your liking! Usually at restaurants, they add too much, so I tried to do it slowly until it tastes just right.
  4. While rice is cooking, quickly whisk 2 eggs together (under 15 second whisk so it stays fluffy!) and add salt and pepper, if you like. Be sure to add the scallions to the rice now.
  5. Make a flat egg omelette basically and flip until cooked. place on plate, Add rice, and fold over. Add ketchup on top for decoration, and sprig of parsley.

And there you have it. Quick and easy! Who knew ketchup in fried rice could taste so good?



Well, the food I want to eat is:


Seriously, the best kind of soup is chicken noodle soup. Hearty, simple, warm, this can make you feel better in a flash 🙂 Simple ingredients: Chicken Broth(campbells), a LITTLE bit of noodles, and veggies! Make sure everything is soft so you can eat it ever when you aren’t feeling good!


FROZEN LEMONADE! Add honey, freeze for a day. The kind of “chop” it up so it’s like a yummy slushie!