mac and cheese

Hey guys,
We are failing at this. FAILING. I repeat. failing.
As your oldest (and wisest) sister, I command more posts. I too, receive an F for not writing the last few weeks. I made a rad mac and cheese, watch out for the recipe. I would’ve taken pictures, but it didn’t look very exciting. Littlest M, don’t you have some iron chef videos you’d like to post or something? Let’s get it together. Obviously, we aren’t very good at staying in touch even though we are related. I’m sure you are having fun in London eating fish, chips, fish and chips. boiled cabbage. what do they eat in London again? I miss you both.



Little Tokyoventures!

Hi again,

Sister 2 is back! Right after her previous post! Because I just remembered that we went to Little Tokyo last weekend and ate some amazing sushi/sashimi and also some ice cream mochi. We also went for karaoke, which wasn’t as fun as it is in Taiwan, to say the least. Still, double-X chromosome (aka girl) nights are the best 🙂 I got a sushi platter, which came with a spicy tuna roll and assorted sashimi. It’s been way too long since I had real sushi, mmm. Forgot to take a picture, though! Whoops 🙂 Then we went for ice cream mochi, and I got green tea. Om nom nom! Now I just want to go back to Taiwan because Little Tokyo was full of little Asian stores, just way more expensivo than Taiwan’s. Ahh!

Sister 2

lilypad with uni rolls!

Food trucking


Sister 2 here. It’s been a while, yes, but this is the first week of the semester where I have no exams! Just papers and projects left until finals. Since when did that become easy? Even without Chemistry in my life, relaxation is a hard-won reward. Which is why I was so pumped for the LA Downtown Art Walk on Thursday; they take place every 2nd Thursday of the month 🙂 If either sister visits me in SoCal, please be here on a 2nd Thursday so we can go together! It’s almost the only time I get off campus, really.

Anyways, I was trying not to eat myself to death, so I just shared a crab and kimchi quesadilla with my friend Lily (aka Lilypad) and got a Peaches & Cream shake from Syrup. The crab and kimchi quesadilla was amazing, though the combination sounds weird. Danielle and Katrina got the always-delicious tornado potato and shared a grilled cheese sandwich dessert at Syrup later. Again, the strange combination turned out deliciously. Lily got some Don Draper ice cream (bourbon, smoke, caramel, and vanilla, mmm) and a crepe at Syrup. Throw in some Jenga-playing as we dessert-ed and art exhibits throughout, and it made for a great Thursday night 🙂

And more foodventures: Dodger dogs at the LA Dodger Stadium! Or, a little piece of blue heaven, as my friend Michael puts it. They weren’t the greatest hot dogs out there, but I did appreciate the extra meat at both ends (I hate having to eat just the bun part), and I discovered a taste for relish and onions on hot dogs. I think what made them special, though, was that extra flavoring of LA culture 🙂 The same can be said of bacon-covered hot dogs, one of which I consumed at Relay for Life a few weekends ago. It was a lapse on my New Year’s Resolution to give up bacon, but I say it was for a good cause/it was most likely my last bacon-covered hot dog (first one was at a football game). Don’t want a heart attack! I have to say, though, that nothing can quite compare to a bacon-covered hot dog eaten in the Coliseum while cheering on our Trojan football players 😛

Still, can’t wait to eat om nom nom good cruise/European food next month with the rest of the sisters!!!

Love always,
Sister 2

danielle with her dodger dog at the game 🙂

katrina and danielle with their tornado potatoes

lilypad and i with our crab and kimchi quesadilla