Food trucking


Sister 2 here. It’s been a while, yes, but this is the first week of the semester where I have no exams! Just papers and projects left until finals. Since when did that become easy? Even without Chemistry in my life, relaxation is a hard-won reward. Which is why I was so pumped for the LA Downtown Art Walk on Thursday; they take place every 2nd Thursday of the month 🙂 If either sister visits me in SoCal, please be here on a 2nd Thursday so we can go together! It’s almost the only time I get off campus, really.

Anyways, I was trying not to eat myself to death, so I just shared a crab and kimchi quesadilla with my friend Lily (aka Lilypad) and got a Peaches & Cream shake from Syrup. The crab and kimchi quesadilla was amazing, though the combination sounds weird. Danielle and Katrina got the always-delicious tornado potato and shared a grilled cheese sandwich dessert at Syrup later. Again, the strange combination turned out deliciously. Lily got some Don Draper ice cream (bourbon, smoke, caramel, and vanilla, mmm) and a crepe at Syrup. Throw in some Jenga-playing as we dessert-ed and art exhibits throughout, and it made for a great Thursday night 🙂

And more foodventures: Dodger dogs at the LA Dodger Stadium! Or, a little piece of blue heaven, as my friend Michael puts it. They weren’t the greatest hot dogs out there, but I did appreciate the extra meat at both ends (I hate having to eat just the bun part), and I discovered a taste for relish and onions on hot dogs. I think what made them special, though, was that extra flavoring of LA culture 🙂 The same can be said of bacon-covered hot dogs, one of which I consumed at Relay for Life a few weekends ago. It was a lapse on my New Year’s Resolution to give up bacon, but I say it was for a good cause/it was most likely my last bacon-covered hot dog (first one was at a football game). Don’t want a heart attack! I have to say, though, that nothing can quite compare to a bacon-covered hot dog eaten in the Coliseum while cheering on our Trojan football players 😛

Still, can’t wait to eat om nom nom good cruise/European food next month with the rest of the sisters!!!

Love always,
Sister 2

danielle with her dodger dog at the game 🙂

katrina and danielle with their tornado potatoes

lilypad and i with our crab and kimchi quesadilla


One Comment on “Food trucking”

  1. whoooa, I have never seen tornado potatoes before. that’s crazy.

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