Little Tokyoventures!

Hi again,

Sister 2 is back! Right after her previous post! Because I just remembered that we went to Little Tokyo last weekend and ate some amazing sushi/sashimi and also some ice cream mochi. We also went for karaoke, which wasn’t as fun as it is in Taiwan, to say the least. Still, double-X chromosome (aka girl) nights are the best 🙂 I got a sushi platter, which came with a spicy tuna roll and assorted sashimi. It’s been way too long since I had real sushi, mmm. Forgot to take a picture, though! Whoops 🙂 Then we went for ice cream mochi, and I got green tea. Om nom nom! Now I just want to go back to Taiwan because Little Tokyo was full of little Asian stores, just way more expensivo than Taiwan’s. Ahh!

Sister 2

lilypad with uni rolls!


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