Sorry, and good recipes!

Sorry because Sister 3 has two major projects of the year and she needs to WORK! But some nice recipes RIGHT here!

Really good sweet corn-

You need-

Cooked sweet corn

Japanese Seasoning (Salt&Pepper mix)


Mediterranian Sea Salt


Take kernels off the corn with a knife.


Put butter, the corn, the salt, and japanese seasoning.

After that, put in microwave for 30-60 seconds.

Finally, strain by putting the corn on a paper towel, and draining it out with the other to get the butter out.

Voila! The BEST corn EVER!

Miso Soup-

You need:



Salt for seasoning!




Chop up the potatoes and carrots and seaweed (mince the seaweed!).

Get the corn off the cob.

Get a pot of hot water and put lots of miso in it. I’d start with half a spoon, then so on.

Put the veggies and seaweed AFTER THE MISO.

Put in the salt to make it a bit salty if you want to!

If these don’t work out, I’m sorry LOL!

See ya! Sister 3!


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