London… AWESOME!

Am i the only one posting?

London was AWESOME! Here were some sweet delights and savory delights there!


They were wicked awesome! My mom would compete for one! My personal favs are OREO and RED VELVET. At the one at Harrod’s, they have these buns that are savory and sweet. I personally love the savory one with gruyere cheese, chives, ham, and delicious stuff!


Awesome fish and chips! Me and my family spent about 2 hrs? trying to get there! But boy, was it worth it! Just dust with salt and pepper and it’s delicious! The straws are super long so nice apple juice!


Yes, STARBUCKS! They have delicious tomato& chicken paninis, yummy little petit fours, highly reccomend the white chocolate and raspberry mini cake!  Also, their mango smoothies are quite effective… MMMMMMMMMMM!


So nice! I ate there for breakfast TWICE! Delicious yogurt and tea! My favorite yogurt is normal with lots of fruits and extra honey! They also sell INNOCENT smoothies that are the BEST!


So nice! It’s a big chain store with tons of sandwiches that are good! My favorite is the chicken and avacado. Their miso soup isn’t the best, but worth buying! Cheap and delicious and healthy, I’d DEFINITELY go!


This is a obonyaki japanese pancake place! They make it RIGHT in front of you! It’s delicious, i’m not vegetarian, but i love the corn, spring onion, and tofu one! So good and worth buying!

This is most of some good MUST GO TO in London! Really good, go there whenever you can! 🙂


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