Green Tea Pound Cake!

Sister 1 made a fabulous pound cake, and I JUST had to share! It’s a green tea pound cake with a vanilla glaze! The vanilla glaze is very easy and simple to make!

You need:



Powder Sugar/Confectionary Sugar

Vanilla Extract


Mix Powdered sugar/confectionary sugar with milk. Add butter after 3 minutes of stirring. Then keep stirring until thick and it is NOT effortless to stir with spoon. Add vanilla extract/ sister 1 added 1 drop.

Spread the glaze over the green tea pound cake. What i love to do is spread raspberry jam or raspberry puree over the cake 🙂


Chinatown Summer Nights

Greetings, systers!

While you all were laughing and cornholing (ha! panda bread making, really) without me, I was off experiencing Chinatown Summer Nights, which I think I’ll return to next weekend. It’s like the Downtown L.A. Art Walk but with some Chinese flavor, mmm. I went with my friend Katrina, and we food trucked and made lanterns, among other things. Gap had a taco truck there (Pico de Gap!), and they were selling two tacos + a drink + a $20 off Gap jeans coupon for $1.69. The tacos were crazy delicious; I got a tofu one and one with carnitas. After tacos, we wandered for a little while, explored the little shops, and made lanterns with the kiddies (flashes of Chinese school!). Before catching the bus to head back, we went back to this food truck called “The Munchie Machine” and waited in a long, long line for a maple bacon s’more (for Katrina) and grilled vegetables with pesto and feta cheese (for me). Needless to say, the line was trés worth it (French!).

I’m making guacamole for a potluck this Friday! Hopefully I won’t mess it up…you can’t go wrong with guac, right?
Syster 2

my grilled veggies from the munchie machine! so good

they had scooby snacks, too!

west coast? best coast!

i finally had in-n-out. so good. fiesta in my mouth. animal style fries and burger? ah, the joy. and one of our recruitment events on monday is a sprinkles food truck! i thought sister 3 would enjoy hearing about it, although i can’t go. curse you, classes! just kidding, i love all of them so far. sister 1 would like the animation one; i learned about all these cool animators today. it’s intimidating, though, because most of the students in there are animation majors. yikes! one lost biology major here…

more about food: our live-in chef, kelly, makes the most excellent foods and desserts. and his sammiches are bomb. mmm.



in orange county, there was fresh squeezed orange juice, green tea shaved ice at class 302, grandma made her own mochi from scratch, and we waited almost an hour for baked goods at the new 85C that opened in Hacienda Heights.

all sooo good. Then I made my own dumplings on Tuesday for my friend Alta, and surprisingly enough, they weren’t that bad. I borrowed a recipe for the vegetarian version at the smitten kitchen, – I think the skins I bought at Hong Kong Supermarket were not very strong so as a result some seem to be falling apart more than others once cooked, but all in all it’s actually pretty easy, and I folded them the way mom usually does – two folds on each side 🙂

next weekend I’ll be visiting little sister 3 in ATL – we’ll be working on this recipe:

miss you both dearly! also congrats megan on your first omelette!

My First Omelette

Yup, you heard me! I made my first omelette yesterday for brunch. It was the typical fold-over omelette. Don’t want to get too ambitious! For filling, I put in chopped onion before cooking the omelette in the pan. I also added in some shredded cajun turkey meat and some Chinese spicy beef. The only other filling it needed was some cheese! Mmm. It was good enough for me, at least 🙂 Later, for an afternoon snack, I made a smoothie out of a peach and frozen fruit bits I found in our freezer (the parents freeze everything, I swear). What frozen fruit bits, you ask? Big grapes, bananas, and what I think was pineapple. Then I added a little milk, ice, agave nectar, and plain yogurt. Delicious!

Since Mom’s been gone in LA, I’ve been mostly improvising my meals. Dad made breaded pork and noodles today, though, as celebration of Mom being back. Now I’m in a food coma until forever watching Arrested Development (and the CMAs, thanks to Sister 3). Ah, the comforts of home.

Sister 2

kiwi food!

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Considering the fact that I’m not much of a cook, this makes sense. Also, the most exciting thing I’ve done food-wise since coming back was boiling some dumplings and broccoli to eat with my leftover Thai food. Not much to report there! Anyways, I was in New Zealand for four weeks and Fiji for one, and I got back a little over a week ago. Summer went by fast, to say the least!

Some excellent food to try out if you’re ever in New Zealand? Where to start? Ha!

  • Meat pies! Found: anywhere, and always delicious! Flavors: Mince, Steak and Cheese, Chicken, Spinach and Cheese, etc etc etc.
  • Ferg Burger! Found: Queenstown (my favorite city in New Zeals) Size: Giant! About the size of Sister 3’s face, give or take a few centimeters. Also: V. creative burger titles (Bun Laden, Bambi, etc.)
  • Lick (ice cream place)! Found: Queenstown! Flavors: Hokey pokey is a NZ classic and a must-try. The other flavors are delicious, too! Also: Heaters next to the tables encourage ice cream eating during the winter season…Not that the cold weather stops Kiwis anyways!
  • Pizza! Found: World Bar! Toppings: Any!
  • Apricot cookies! Found: Any supermarket (Countdown, New World, etc.) Really, these are more delicious than they sound. I was going to bring some back, but I forgot to buy them before I left for Fiji. Another day, another day…

So those are just some of the good fooding I encountered while in the land of the Hobbitses! Oh, and I had some pretty good Chinese food in Auckland, and some truly excellent (though not spicy enough) Thai food in Wellington. Mmm!

In general, the food is class, the people are nice as anything, and the scenery is absolutely breathtaking.

Team New Zealand out!
Sister 2