kiwi food!

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Considering the fact that I’m not much of a cook, this makes sense. Also, the most exciting thing I’ve done food-wise since coming back was boiling some dumplings and broccoli to eat with my leftover Thai food. Not much to report there! Anyways, I was in New Zealand for four weeks and Fiji for one, and I got back a little over a week ago. Summer went by fast, to say the least!

Some excellent food to try out if you’re ever in New Zealand? Where to start? Ha!

  • Meat pies! Found: anywhere, and always delicious! Flavors: Mince, Steak and Cheese, Chicken, Spinach and Cheese, etc etc etc.
  • Ferg Burger! Found: Queenstown (my favorite city in New Zeals) Size: Giant! About the size of Sister 3’s face, give or take a few centimeters. Also: V. creative burger titles (Bun Laden, Bambi, etc.)
  • Lick (ice cream place)! Found: Queenstown! Flavors: Hokey pokey is a NZ classic and a must-try. The other flavors are delicious, too! Also: Heaters next to the tables encourage ice cream eating during the winter season…Not that the cold weather stops Kiwis anyways!
  • Pizza! Found: World Bar! Toppings: Any!
  • Apricot cookies! Found: Any supermarket (Countdown, New World, etc.) Really, these are more delicious than they sound. I was going to bring some back, but I forgot to buy them before I left for Fiji. Another day, another day…

So those are just some of the good fooding I encountered while in the land of the Hobbitses! Oh, and I had some pretty good Chinese food in Auckland, and some truly excellent (though not spicy enough) Thai food in Wellington. Mmm!

In general, the food is class, the people are nice as anything, and the scenery is absolutely breathtaking.

Team New Zealand out!
Sister 2


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