My First Omelette

Yup, you heard me! I made my first omelette yesterday for brunch. It was the typical fold-over omelette. Don’t want to get too ambitious! For filling, I put in chopped onion before cooking the omelette in the pan. I also added in some shredded cajun turkey meat and some Chinese spicy beef. The only other filling it needed was some cheese! Mmm. It was good enough for me, at least 🙂 Later, for an afternoon snack, I made a smoothie out of a peach and frozen fruit bits I found in our freezer (the parents freeze everything, I swear). What frozen fruit bits, you ask? Big grapes, bananas, and what I think was pineapple. Then I added a little milk, ice, agave nectar, and plain yogurt. Delicious!

Since Mom’s been gone in LA, I’ve been mostly improvising my meals. Dad made breaded pork and noodles today, though, as celebration of Mom being back. Now I’m in a food coma until forever watching Arrested Development (and the CMAs, thanks to Sister 3). Ah, the comforts of home.

Sister 2


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