in orange county, there was fresh squeezed orange juice, green tea shaved ice at class 302, grandma made her own mochi from scratch, and we waited almost an hour for baked goods at the new 85C that opened in Hacienda Heights.

all sooo good. Then I made my own dumplings on Tuesday for my friend Alta, and surprisingly enough, they weren’t that bad. I borrowed a recipe for the vegetarian version at the smitten kitchen, – I think the skins I bought at Hong Kong Supermarket were not very strong so as a result some seem to be falling apart more than others once cooked, but all in all it’s actually pretty easy, and I folded them the way mom usually does – two folds on each side 🙂

next weekend I’ll be visiting little sister 3 in ATL – we’ll be working on this recipe: http://www.tablespoon.com/recipes/rainbow-cheesecake-recipe/1/

miss you both dearly! also congrats megan on your first omelette!


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