Afternoon Tea at the Peninsula

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Hey ladies,

I thought I would share the experience of the afternoon tea at the Peninsula in Hong Kong. I’m sad you didn’t get to come with us. While I don’t think I’ll ever do it again, I think it was nice to at least say we did it once, and those raisin scones were really good. We each got a tea and then shared 3 plates. Warm raisin scones with a tap of butter or jam (wow, I really don’t know how to make scones compared to these), a savory plate of small sandwiches and mini-quiche types, and a dessert plate. They also gave us small cups of a pudding with extremely sweet syrup that was flavored with passionfruit.

Delish, right?

I miss you. Since I’ve been back in New York, culinary adventures have been few and far between, but I did have a black and white cookie at Nussbaum and Wu by Columbia that was really divine. Though to be fair, my first and only B&W cookies prior to this experience was at a Starbucks in Pittsburgh.


Sister 1


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