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Quickie Review of Gigi’s Cupcakes!

These are EXTREMELY sweet cupcakes, very sweet! There are lots of extracts/food colorings involved. Plus the frosting: cake ratio is about 20:3. Their cakes don’t even rise very much, and the frosting is usually the part I don’t really eat. The cream cheese frosting is very sweet, not tangy like i’d like. The pink lemonade is the BOMB while strawberry lemonade is disgusting. The only think i like about their red velvet is the filling (vanilla) which makes it different.The grasshopper has a yummy mint frosting. 

Overall: 2 stars, not as good as it could be!


Chicken Katsu

Sisters, this is one of the easiest recipes ever! It’s so delicious, and yet very simple to make at home. Although, since it is fried, you probably can’t make it too often. Even so, I remember every time our mom made it at home I was super excited (equivalent to: Grilled Cheese night, Spaghetti night, Omelette-Ketchup-Rice night!)

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