You will need:

1 Carrot

Chicken Stock (about 1/4 can?)

Italian seasoning (about 1/2 a spoon)

Garlic (two small pieces)

Water (1 cup) (optional)

Salt (optional)

Chop up on carrot, dice it finely, until in cubes. 

The chicken stock should be on the stove at full heat, when boiling, put in carrots.

Dice garlic, and toss in the broth, make sure it is kind of chunky, so it will be almost like poached garlic.

Add Italian seasoning, and wait for about 10-20 minutes, if the soup has reduced too much, add the water. 

The soup should be ready by now, make sure it’s flavorful! If not, add some salt to enhance the flavor!

                                                                             Enjoy, Sister 3!


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