Green Tea Kit Kat Review!


When I saw the 9gag picture showing all these new and inventive kit kat flavors, I knew i had to get one! When mom went to Taiwan and stopped by Japan, she got me green tea kit kats! Now on to the review 🙂

When I saw these I was so happy. First bite, I knew there was white chocolate on the outside. There were hints of green tea in the kit kat, maybe i would’ve liked more, but nevertheless, these were delicious 😀


Strawberry Compote! (ish?)

OK, so this isn’t actually strawberry compote, but it makes a VERY delicious filling!

You need-

Strawberries (I used frozen so it’s easier to cut)

Brown Sugar (or regular/honey, both work)

Simply Limeade (I used that brand, others I think will work)



Cut up the strawberries by dicing them. Toss them in the pot at full heat. Put around a half cup of the sugar/honey (with honey, just drizzle). Add the limeade and water and let it simmer at low heat. In around ten minutes, sample. If it needs more sugar/honey, just adjust. Strain around half of the liquid in pot. Let it cook for a couple more minutes, then transfer to the fridge. In around five minutes, it’s ready!!!!!!!!!!

another nice day in brooklyn

the remains of a fresh pasta dinner on the roof. we bought freshly made spinach pasta noodles from the italian market in chelsea market, fresh little olive, tomatoes, onions, and mushrooms all sauteed together. similarly, with just some olive oil, s&p. love it when that happens.

limeade, instagrammed. I had to do it 🙂

simple gnocchi

sometimes I run out of pasta sauce that’s pre-made and I get really stressed out because when you’re a student that is pretty much all you eat. but today I remember with some olive oil, fresh veggies, and lots of freshly ground pepper, you can still be in for a treat. I also sprinkled some herbs like oregano and basil and thyme to spice it up a bit. I always add tomatoes at the very, very, end so they can remain fresh and crunchy, a nice contrast to the mushrooms. I used to hate olives but they’ve become a favorite since entering “adulthood” – and they add a great taste to any pasta too. I chop them up into little pieces and throw them in with the tomatoes.

gnocchi is such a cozy food. I can’t wait to make my own someday soon!

can’t wait to see sisters soon! reunion 🙂