Strawberry Compote! (ish?)

OK, so this isn’t actually strawberry compote, but it makes a VERY delicious filling!

You need-

Strawberries (I used frozen so it’s easier to cut)

Brown Sugar (or regular/honey, both work)

Simply Limeade (I used that brand, others I think will work)



Cut up the strawberries by dicing them. Toss them in the pot at full heat. Put around a half cup of the sugar/honey (with honey, just drizzle). Add the limeade and water and let it simmer at low heat. In around ten minutes, sample. If it needs more sugar/honey, just adjust. Strain around half of the liquid in pot. Let it cook for a couple more minutes, then transfer to the fridge. In around five minutes, it’s ready!!!!!!!!!!


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