Review: Pamcakes Philadelphia!

Finally! We got to go to Pamcakes! After Sister 2 and me (sister 3) went to Spread Bagelry (which btw is DELISH, their sesame bagel with garlic veggie spread is super good!) for breakfast, it was time to go to Pamcakes! Only a block from the bagelry, it was super convenient. When we went into the store, it was very small and homey. I knew exactly what I wanted when I looked at their menu- Key Lime, Red Velvet, and Raspberry Lemonade. I figured they should have key lime and red velvet, but when i saw what cupcakes they had, they only had red velvet out of the cupcakes i wanted 😦 I got strawberry lemonade and red velvet, and 5 dollars wasn’t that bad compared to 3 dollars a cupcake.


Red Velvet- Sister 2 keeps on saying that it had white chocolate cream cheese! I will go with that then. 😀 The cupcake was super chocolaty, not too red at all, and very moist. The frosting was really sweet, most likely because of the white chocolate, with no tangyness at all from the frosting 😦

Strawberry Lemonade- This was both Sister 2 and my favorite cupcake! The cake had a super subtle lemon flavor, but the strawberry buttercream tasted like strawberry popsicles that are super natural and delish. It was very sweet, but had lots of strawberry flavor.

Overall, I give Pamcakes a 3-3.5. Their main problem is the sweet frosting! Their cakes are nice and moist, and have a VERY nice texture. I will TOTALLY visit Pamcakes again when we go back to Philly!!!


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    sorry for the extra post 😦

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