Six Bakeries in two days? Definitely!!!

Yes we did it! Six bakeries in two days, all divided up to five bakeries on Saturday, one bakery on Monday!

Here is the list!

Bouchon Bakery

Sprinkles Cupcakes

Baked By Melissa

Georgetown Cupcake

Birdbath Bakery

Momofuku Milk Bar

All were DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviews coming up, but here is the list of items YOU MUST GET at each of these places-

Bouchon Bakery- Macaroons (summer berry or pistachio) French Bread

Sprinkles Cupcakes- Free cupcake everyday (check fb page around noon!) or strawberry/smore cupcakes

Baked By Melissa- PB&J or Red Velvet

Georgetown Cupcake- Free cupcake everyday (fb page everyday around 9), or banana split? (not always around, key lime is okay)

Birdbath Bakery- Yummy mango-dark chocolate quinoa cookie, lemonade is pretty darn delish too!

Momofuku Milk Bar- EVERYTHING! cereal milk, crack pie, and compost cookie are soooo good!

I will try to post reviews! Follow my instagram @thelazypanda , cause I posted pictures of most of these goodies on there!

Sister 3 🙂


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