Deepest apologies

Hi systers dearest!

I have no real excuse for not posting, especially since I live on my own now and we’re all busy. I guess it’s been hard for me to get time to myself lately. I have no pictures to post or recipes to share for now…My main source of energy has been water and the odd snack. However, I’m becoming proficient at omelets stuffed with spinach and cheese, as well as grilled cheese sandwiches! A personal favorite food right now? Vegetable cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches! Simple and delicious; a nice departure from grilled cheese or the typical turkey sandwich. I’m also a huge fan of lentils; easy to cook and very, very filling. You boil them with some garlic and salt, and afterwards, mash up the garlic and mix that in with caramelized onion bits. Add salt to taste, and it’s terrific with a sausage and other veggies.

I miss you both every day; when the going gets rough over here, I just think of my seesters on the East Coast. I’m temporarily without a phone, so Facebook is key for our communication ❤ I can’t wait to see you sillies…in December, I hope. I promise I’ll try to update in the next week or two with an actual home cooked meal!

Love love love,
Sister 2


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