The 15 Best cupcakes I’ve ever had! (Revised!)

After 6 months from writing my first list, I have revised the list, so many delicious cupcakes I’ve eaten!

#15- Georgetown Cupcake- Key Lime

This cake is buttery and very moist, with hints of lime tossed in. My favorite part was the texture of the cake. It went very well with the frosting.

#14- Something Delightful Bakery- Barrett

My favorite part of this cupcake is the sweet and salty aspect. There are salted peanuts and a moist peanut butter cake to counteract the vanilla buttercream and caramel. Pull it all together, and you have a sweet n salty sensation!

#13- Cloud 9 Cupcake- Sweet Potato

Topped with delightful cinnamon cream cheese frosting, this is thanksgiving in a cupcake!

#12- Something Delightful Bakery- Lemon-filled

The cake may not be the most moist, but the curd inside saves all of that! The perfectly creamy frosting and the sugar on top compliment this cupcake wonderfully.

#11- Perfect Circle Cupcakery- Buttercup

A creamy, but not too salty or sweet frosting saved the cupcake, making it delightful ๐Ÿ˜€

#10- LOLA’S Cupcakes- Oreo

The frosting is delightful oreo heaven. It almost tastes like oreo ice cream! Combine with a wonderful cookies n cream cake, yum!

#9- Cloud 9 Cupcakes- Strawberry

Fresh and sweet strawberries are purred into the cake, making it taste like you’re eating fresh strawberries. The frosting is of course, DELICIOUS!

#8- Baked By Melissa- Chocolate Peanut Butter

The cake is very moist. The only thing missing is the wonderful peanut butter filling I saw on the menu ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

#7- Perfect Circle Cupcakery- Chocolate Mint

Delightful dark chocolate chips stud the cake, adding ultra-gooey chocolate goodness. Mint buttercream on top ties all of it together.

#6- Sprinkle’s Cupcake- Strawberry

The frosting tasted like strawberry ice cream! I could eat that frosting forever…

#5- Pamcakes- Strawberry Lemonade- The subtle lemony butter flavor in the cake made it stand out. The frosting was very similar to Sprinkles. The cake on this one made it a winner!

#4- LOLA’S Cupcakes- Red Velvet- This frosting is to die for. If you ever go to London, you will NOT regret going here! Everything I’ve had there is delightful.

#3- Sprinkles Cupcakes- S’more- This yummy campfire treat that we all love is transformed into a cupcake! The graham cracker crust, ooey gooey chocolate fudge core, and marshmallow frosting is unforgettable.

#2- Melissa’s Bake Shop- PB&J- The jelly was a perfect fruity contrast to the salty peanut butter, and tasted just like the sandwich! (but a little bit better ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

#2 (TIED!)- Something Delightful Bakery- Oreo or Volcano- Both are super delicious and perfectly delightful ๐Ÿ˜€

#1- Georgetown Cupcake- Banana Split- I hate bananas, but this cupcake was moist and still delicious after around two-three days, the frosting was perfectly tart, and the chocolate core tied it all together.


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