Strawberry Cream Cheese Frosting!

Yes, I am one of those frosting freaks πŸ™‚ This recipe is very fresh, pink, and delightful!

You will need-

Cream Cheese


Powdered Sugar




1. Whip butter with cream cheese until frosting-like texture.

2. Add powdered sugar, then continually whip.

3. When tart or sweet enough for you, you have a simple cream cheese frosting!

4. Then you can add what you want, but I added strawberries. You can add lemon, raspberries, or almost any kind of fruits!

5. Whip, whip, whip! Until your chosen consistency! Milk can be added if you’d like, to even out the frosting’s heavy texture.


You have an AWESOME frosting πŸ™‚ Feel free to put it on any cakes, like vanilla, chocolate, lemon, or strawberry πŸ™‚

Note- I am an “eyeballer” chef. I like to eyeball ingredients so not everything can be consistent.


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