Happy Pi Day!

Happy Pi day!!! So today, at the request of Sister 1, I am finally going to post pictures!

REVIEW: King of Pops (Raspberry Lime, Pear Vanilla, Grapefruit Mint)
Now, I LOVE king of pops! Their popsicles are fresh, and don’t taste like the artificial stuff you’re used to. They’re natural, delicious goodness. Now, I tried these on two different occasions, so their quality might differ.  I ate Pear Vanilla and Grapefruit Mint at the Atlanta Food Truck Festival with Sister 2 and the Raspberry Lime at Whole Foods! Sadly, I don’t have a picture of the pear vanilla or grapefruit mint 😦 I can tell you that the grapefruit mint had wonderful mint leaves inside, and the pear vanilla looked VERY natural. Now onto the reviews!

Pear Vanilla-

This one was a tad too sweet for me, but I think that’s because of the ripeness of the pears. Given that I like tart things, this one was not for me. I’m pretty sure Sister 2 enjoyed it more though.

Grapefruit Mint-

At this time, this was my favorite. It was an ice pop, so it tasted like pure grapefruit juice with hints of mint. The grapefruit was slightly bitter, but still a refreshing and delicious treat nonetheless.

Raspberry Lime-

Oh, this was DELICIOUS! You could taste the delicate flavor of fresh squeezed limes, it wasn’t hidden, it was pronounced. I LOVED this flavor, and will definitely get it again! Or maybe their key lime pie or banana cream pie! YUM!

I promise I will post the picture when my computer decides to start working again! Sadly, the picture won’t work on this computer :(. 

~Sister 3


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