Slushie in a Bag?!?!

If you’ve seen the commercials, you probably know what I’m talking about. For some money, you put ice cubes inside a cup, shake shake shake! Then it turns into a slushie! Yum! But who wants to pay when you can do it yourself? Here’s how!

Recipe from


Here’s what happened when I did it-

I had two bags, bag 1 was smaller, a small ziploc bag, while bag 2 is a gallon bag.

I decided to try with bag 1, and to my pleasure, it turned into a slushie!

Sadly, it became salty?!?! Now, this isn’t because of the recipe, but it’s because my bag leaked :/

I decided to try bag 2, and to my surprise, it worked!

Here are my tips-

Make sure you shake, shake, shake! It’ll take about 10 minutes, and even though you think your fingers will fall off, it’s worth it!

Don’t worry about adding too much salt. It’ll freeze up, no worries.

The water will not and I repeat, not freeze quickly. It’ll freeze overnight, so just leave it in there.

That’s it! Have fun slushie making!


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