It’s Sandwich Time!

Hey Seesters!

As you both have probably guessed by now, it’s summer time! Which, for me, translates into sandwich + Netflix in bed time!! (Don’t worry, work starts on Monday ha ha) I’ve been pretty lazy, honestly, but not too lazy to make an delectable sammich 🙂 I’ve been really into cold cuts lately…

Sammich ingredients:
half-poached egg
lotsa spinach
perfectly-toasted bread slices
fancy turkey cold-cuts
slice of pepper jack cheese
dijon mustard on one side, miracle whip on the other

The secret is definitely in the spreads; I never thought of using two different ones, but they add some pizzazz for sure 😛 With the sandwich, I had some grape juice, a peach, and some pepper jack string cheese. Perfect lunch!

Syster 1, get ready for sandwiches when you visit this weekend! Syster 3, we’re gonna miss you double 😦 But don’t be too jealous, it’s really hot in California right now, which is why I like to spend most of my day huddled in my air-conditioned bedroom heehee.

Much love from the miserable depths of the L.A. heatwave,
Syster 2

sandwich time!