Passion Tazo Tea Lemonade!

It’s so hot in both Georgia AND Los Angeles! Lately I’ve been addicted to tea, and the Passion Tazo tea is just refreshing and floral. At Starbucks, they sell this, but it’s a whopping three dollars for half ice, half drink! So I thought I’d make a “copycat” recipe, and here it is!

Makes 1 serving.

For the lemonade, you will need:

-Two tablespoons of sugar

-Two tablespoons of hot tap water, or just hot water

-The juice of half a lemon

For the tea you will need

-Two bags of Passion Tazo tea

-Half a tablespoon of sugar

-Hot water

-(Optional) Chia Seeds

You will also need two mugs, and one stirring spoon.


In one of the mugs, put two tablespoons of sugar in it, along with two tablespoons of the hot water. Stir until dissolved, and transfer to fridge. (this is your simple syrup) 

In the other mug, put the rest of your sugar inside of it, and fill half of the mug with steaming hot water. Stir for around ten to fifteen seconds, then put in your two tea bags. Keep the bags in there for about two minutes, then pull them out. Add a tablespoon of chia seeds (optional). Transfer to fridge.

Pull out the other mug, and pour the juice of half a lemon inside, and stir. Pour into the tea, and stir constantly. Wait around ten minutes, then add your ice cubes and serve immediately.

Quick notes-

If you allow chia seeds to bloom, I find their texture similar to mini boba! 

Microwaving the lemon for fifteen seconds will give the lemons more juice, softening them.

That’s it! 

-Sister 3