Baked Apples!

This recipe tastes exactly like the apple pie filling you would find in an apple pie!

Adapted from


Apple Chunks ( I cut up about half an apple, just enough to fill my ramekin. Do bigger chunks if you have time, smaller, if you don’t.)

1 tsp of milk

Cinnamon (Do as to your liking. I like more, you may like less)

Brown Sugar (around 1/2 tbsp) 

Cashew Halves


1. preheat oven to 350 and mix together the milk with the cinnamon  and brown sugar thoroughly.

2. soak the apples with the mixture for about three minutes.

3. put the cashew halves and extra brown sugar (if desired) on top.

4. insert to oven and from time to time mix the compote, letting the apples soak.

5. before serving, pour the milk down the sink if desired.

i prefer to have the apples skinned because i don’t like apple skins, but it’s up to you. enjoy!

-sister 3