crispy cheese quesadillas- three ingredients, no butter, all in an oven.

we had leftover tortillas, i was hungry and i wanted quesadillas so i whipped up some pretty delicious quesadillas. no pictures, sorry! these can be done in five minutes or less, crispy nonetheless!

you will need:

cheese (shredded or not shredded doesn’t matter)

olive oil

tortillas (i used whole wheat)


(optional) cut the tortillas, i sliced mine into six slices, resulting in three pieces.

1. if using not shredded cheese, just use your fingers to smash it and put it on the tortilla, if shredded, just place it on the quesadilla. preheat oven to the broil option.

2. right before you put them in the oven, change the temp. to 450. i used a toaster oven.

3. pull them out after the cheese has melted, about two minutes.

4. place the tortilla on top and drizzle olive oil on the tortillas so it gets crispy.

5. change the temperature into the broil option right before you put it back in the oven.

6. let it cook for around three minutes, or to your preference. since your cheese is already melted, you just want a crispy texture on the tortilla.

7. take out of the oven and serve.


-sister 3