strawberry granita

school just got out for me- no more middle school! and it’s SUMMER! 

here’s a perfect treat for the summer and can be made in less than ten minutes!

you will need:

a bowl

a plate/baking pan, your choice

frozen strawberries/regular strawberries

orange juice

maple syrup (or sweetener of choice)


cheese grater


1. submerge all of the strawberries in hot water (only if they are frozen!)

2. grate all of them

3. pour in orange juice, your choice on how much, less for thick liquid, more for thin liquid

4. pour in sweetener of choice, about half a tbsp works, again, it’s your choice

5. pour into your pan/plate

6. freeze for about an hour, it depends on your freezer. just check it every half an hour or so.


question- what’s your favorite summer treat?

-sister 3