panini grilled cheese

hello, sister three here once again! i’ve always had an everlasting obsession with cheese, especially grilled cheese and mac and cheese! when mom and dad came home with a panini maker, i was thrilled. i could finally make the grilled cheese of my dreams! this is the recipe that i created and use, but feel free to change it up to your preferences!

you will need:

vermont cheddar




bacon (optional)

1. cut up the bread, butter, and cheese. i like to cut the cheese into square sized / rectangle sized chunks, the bread in slices, and just a little slice of butter

2. put the bacon in the oven or pan (optional)

3. cook the bacon until it’s cooked but not necessarily crispy (optional)

4. heat up the panini maker and add some butter

5. start constructing your sandwich- smear some butter on the inside of your “base” slice, then add as much cheese and bacon as you want, i use a mix of vermont cheddar and gruyere, then add some butter on the backside and inside of your “top” slice. i break up the slices of bacon into small pieces for the sandwich

6. transfer to grill, and cook until everything is melted

7. transfer to plate, and voila! your sandwich is done


vermont cheddar and bacon scramble

this recipe is super easy, takes half an hour (combined with eating and cooking) and is so so good!

you will need:

2 eggs

3 bacon strips (do less or more, your choice)

vermont cheddar cheese






1. crack the eggs inside of a bowl and whisk furiously. add a little bit of milk and i personally like to stick a small pat of butter at the end of the fork when the eggs are done whisking

2. take the vermont cheddar cheese and break it up into small pieces and put to the side

3. turn the pan on to high heat and add the butter and oil

4. when the pan is hot, but not so much that you’ll pan fry the eggs, add the mixture in slowly

5. this is when the pat of butter at the end of the fork is added (optional)

6. cook for two-three minutes, constantly stirring

7. at the very end, when the eggs are about to be plated, add the vermont cheddar cheese

8. mix the eggs around for less than a minute, but make sure that the cheese is melted. if the pan is hot enough the cheese will melt easily

9. transfer the eggs to a plate and add a little more oil to the pan

10. put the bacon in the pan until it’s cooked to your preference (crispy, soft, in the middle)

11. when done, transfer to a paper towel (optional ) / plate

12. pat the oil off of the bacon (optional)

13. transfer to the plate, and voila! you are done

i love eating this with a glass of orange juice for a more classic breakfast, and while this recipe may seem like a lot of trouble, it’s really easy and foolproof if you can cook eggs 🙂 nobody posts here anymore but i love this recipe so i will share it!