panini grilled cheese

hello, sister three here once again! i’ve always had an everlasting obsession with cheese, especially grilled cheese and mac and cheese! when mom and dad came home with a panini maker, i was thrilled. i could finally make the grilled cheese of my dreams! this is the recipe that i created and use, but feel free to change it up to your preferences!

you will need:

vermont cheddar




bacon (optional)

1. cut up the bread, butter, and cheese. i like to cut the cheese into square sized / rectangle sized chunks, the bread in slices, and just a little slice of butter

2. put the bacon in the oven or pan (optional)

3. cook the bacon until it’s cooked but not necessarily crispy (optional)

4. heat up the panini maker and add some butter

5. start constructing your sandwich- smear some butter on the inside of your “base” slice, then add as much cheese and bacon as you want, i use a mix of vermont cheddar and gruyere, then add some butter on the backside and inside of your “top” slice. i break up the slices of bacon into small pieces for the sandwich

6. transfer to grill, and cook until everything is melted

7. transfer to plate, and voila! your sandwich is done


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