parmesan hash browns

hello, sister three here! i guess i’m the only one actually blogging, but oh well. during my really boring history class, i tend to get super hungry and dream of what i crave. one of the best though has been a tater tot and when you rip it open, there would be parmesan cheese oozing out. so today i decided to make the easiest version i could, and it was so good. this recipe feeds one, but it’ll be more of a side dish than anything.

you will need:

2 hash brown squares (i used trader joes brand)

garlic (optional, add as much as you want)

butter / cooking oil

parmesan (i used powdered, but you could use grated)


1. microwave the hash brown squares for 30 seconds each, then place them in a bowl and mash them up.

2. fold in the garlic, parmesan, and a little bit of salt.

3. pour lots of oil into the pan, the potatoes will be somewhat gummy, you want to crisp them as much as you can!

4. scoop the potato mixture into the pan and stir it around until everything gets very crispy

5. enjoy! you can add some parmesan on top or green onions.

-sister 3