Strawberry Lemonade

hello, sister 3 here! with school being out, i’ve been dying from the heat, even though i’m indoors all day. to combat this, i’ve made strawberry lemonade almost daily, but i don’t know if this is really “strawberry lemonade”, more like a non-lazy person’s way of making strawberry lemonade.

you will need-


lemonade (i use trader joe’s, mango or regular is fine)

sugar (optional)

ice (optional only if lemonade is not cold)


1. cut up all of the strawberries into chunks until they fill about 40-50% of the cup. if your strawberries are sour, add some sugar to the now!

2. pour lemonade on top and ice if drink is room-temperature.

3. enjoy! i use a straw to mash the strawberry and this drink works at least 4-5 times, i usually take the leftover strawberries and macerate them overnight.