Brown Sugar Lemonade

i know what you’re thinking- brown sugar lemonade? why wouldn’t you just use white sugar? well, when you don’t have white sugar in your pantry because you used it all, improvisation is key. after a horrible tasting lemonade made with regular brown sugar, i first tested with a mixture of light brown sugar (turbinado) and the remaining white sugar, it tasted absolutely delicious. then i tried just using light brown sugar, and believe it or not, the result was just as incredible. this lemonade is extremely sour with a light sweetness, and i prefer mixing it with lots of ice for a maximum “it’s still summer” feeling. i hope you enjoy!

you will need:

2 lemons

light brown sugar

boiling water


  1. in a cup, stir together the light brown sugar and boiling water. i like to eyeball it, but i usually add a ton of brown sugar considering that you’re using two lemons. you’re looking for a concentrated syrup here.
  2. in another cup, squeeze out two lemons, i like to roll and microwave them for about 10-15 seconds to get as much juice from the lemons as possible. make sure to get out any seeds! i also like to squeeze, then use the juicer to get maximum juice.
  3. once the syrup has cooled down, pour the juice and syrup together and mix thoroughly. this is your lemonade concentrate- add as much water as you want to the liquid and stir together. don’t forget to add a ton of ice!
  4. enjoy!

-sister 3


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