the key to perfect scrambled eggs

in case you haven’t noticed, i’ve been trying to make perfect scrambled eggs for years, no make that ages. just yesterday, i discovered the magic- my eggs were fluffy and not into shreds, and were probably the best ones i’ve made so far! i tried this twice (for the sake of science) and they worked as well! the key, believe it or not, is in the pan you use. i used to use a wide circular pan that was iron (not cast iron) and big, but this time i used a white and rectangular japanese pan that was rather small, so it conducted heat more easily, allowing the eggs to cook faster and be in full pieces. i was also able to cook them easier, because the pan was smaller. now onto the recipe!

you will need:

1 serving (or half a serving if you like lots of scrambled eggs)

2 eggs




  1. heat up oil and butter at a 1:1 ratio.
  2. start to whisk your eggs, making sure not to overmix- when they look pretty well mixed, that’s good!
  3. pour the eggs in the pan, making sure to “scrape” down the spatula constantly, this will help form the clumps of egg!
  4. cook until they’re desired to your preference, i prefer mine soft and fluffy.
  5. enjoy!