Taiwanese-Inspired French Onion Soup

it’s getting cold in atlanta (believe it or not), so i’ve been craving soup, french onion to be exact. something about the rich broth, onions that melt in your mouth and oozy cheese to me is incredible. so i decided to make a spin-off of it! instead of traditionally putting a piece of toast with cheese on it on top, i simply stirred in some cheddar cheese. i also used my mother’s beef stock, which is soy sauce based. here’s the recipe!

you will need:

onion (white or yellow will probably be okay)

undiscovered cheddar cheese (trader joe’s)

beef stock




  1. in a hot pot, melt some butter. once it’s all foamy, add in your onion. you can also add garlic, but i didn’t really like it in the soup so i would omit it. season with salt and pepper.
  2. caramelize your onions until they’re a nice and toasty brown color and drain off any excess butter. make sure to taste your onions and make sure they aren’t super crunchy!
  3. add in your beef stock and bring to a simmer. make sure to add water if your stock needs it!
  4. i brought my soup to a simmer and added water mutliple times, but that’s because i had a very difficult time getting the perfect inbetween between salty and watery soup. meanwhile, grate some of your cheese!
  5. pour your soup into the bowl and stir in the cheese. enjoy!

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