homemade strawberry fruit snacks!

i’ve had a bad experience with gelatin in the past. believe me, sister one has had the brunt of those experiences. orange and lemonade jelly and jello so tense i have to pry it out with my fingers. i was extremely hesitant to try this recipe, but i am so glad that i did. the product you receive is not the gummy you receive from gummy bear packages, it’s more of a jelly-fied jello. i don’t know how to explain it, but they’re pucker-worthy and delicious! i adapted (or took) this recipe from desertswithbenefits, but i replaced the stevia with sugar and placed the liquid in a plastic container where i cut it up afterwards. i followed the directions, which were extremely simple, and love my product! i also strained the mixture after i pureed the strawberries and it turned out fine. i used frozen strawberries and thawed them for an hour before so that they pureed beautifully.

here┬áis the link to the recipe, i hope that you decide to make it! it’s so delicious and you know what’s going in it so it’ll make you feel better haha. enjoy!

-sister 3


Simple Hot Chocolate

hello, sister three here! as it is nearing towards christmas, it’s getting colder and that means that it’s hot chocolate season! i’ve whipped up a very quick and simple hot chocolate recipe with only two ingredients and a simple ratio. the recipe included below is a very small recipe, not even making half a standard cup of hot chocolate, so i encourage you to double it!

you will need:

2 tbsp semisweet chocolate chips (i’m sure milk chocolate would work too but it’ll be sweeter)

1/4 cup milk


1. measure out the ingredients into a cup

2. microwave for 30 seconds

3. stir constantly until the mixture has taken on a chocolatey brown color

4. enjoy!