potato hash with a fried egg

hello, sister three here! despite promises to be more active, neither sister one or two seem to be posting haha. when i went to whole foods with my parents, i saw these beautiful small potatoes that were red, white, and blue and thought that they’d make great smashed potatoes or would be good in a hash. they’re so tiny so when i tried to smash them, the results were mediocre, but i will surely try again when we get butter again! the hash, however, turned out amazing. i just used potatoes because i was lazy, but you could definitely add bacon, onion, and other things that you like in your hash if you’d like.

makes 1 serving

you will need:

baby potatoes- use as much as you will eat, their size won’t change that much throughout cooking


salt and pepper

one egg (or two, depending on how much you want to eat)


fill a pot with water and turn the heat on high. drop in the potatoes immediately after turning the heat on.

boil the potatoes until they are fork tender, 2 or so minutes after the water starts boiling. you don’t want them to be mashed potato consistency, more like tender with a good bite.

chop up the potatoes to the size that you want- i tried a roll cut and quartered the potatoes, resulting in small pieces. turn the heat up to high and pour a decent amount of oil into the frying pan.

once the oil is pretty hot, dump in your potatoes and constantly stir them around. the goal is to get a nice crust on each side. season accordingly!

pour an egg into a bowl so that it’s easier to fry the egg- if you can crack them in easily, this step can be omitted.

once the potatoes have a brown crust, take them out of the pan and place them on a plate. make sure to taste your potatoes so you can see if you need to season them a little bit more.

rinse the pan and dry it with a paper towel before placing a tiny bit more oil on it. turn the heat up to medium-high and pour in the egg. the pan should still be pretty hot so that you’ll see the outer part of the egg turn white shortly after placing it there.

cook however you cook your eggs- i fried mine because i wanted to use the yolk to flavor my potatoes! don’t forget to season your egg with salt and pepper.

place the egg on top of your potatoes and voila, you are done! enjoy this simple and delicious breakfast than can be done rather quickly.

-sister 3


One Comment on “potato hash with a fried egg”

  1. this sounds pretty delicious!

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