toaster oven quesadilla (revisited!)

hi, sister three here! can i just say that Earth Fare is my favorite store ever- the freezer area is so neat and clean, despite the store being six months to a year old (i don’t remember). everything is organized perfectly, they offer awesome products, and have delicious food! speaking of delicious food, i picked up some tortillas and colby jack from there, determined to make quesadillas with my brand new toaster oven. and my oh my did they work. they’re crispy, cheesy, and made in less than 10 minutes. also, they’re pretty hard to mess up!

you will need:

cheese of your choice (i used colby jack)

tortillas (whole-wheat, corn, etc.)

oil (optional)

1. grate your cheese until you have as much as you want- it’s all up to you! also, preheat oven to 450 degrees.

2. place and scatter cheese over the tortilla, making sure to have an even distribution.

3. place the other tortilla on top of the one with the cheese and brush some oil over it (for crispiness, optional)

4. cook for 8 minutes- you can flip it but i opted not to. enjoy!


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