the ultimate breakfast for dinner

hi, sister three here! i’ve fallen in love with this multi-grain bread that you can get at costco, it’s full of seeds and is absolutely delicious. i like to heavily butter it then cook it in a pan, resulting in an extremely crispy exterior. but how can i make this better? by adding scrambled eggs of course! the result is soft and fluffy eggs, crispy toast, and a good bite from the red pepper. enjoy!

(feeds 1) you will need:

3 eggs

2 pieces of toast (your choice, you probably want thick pieces that can hold up the eggs)

red bell pepper


salt & pepper

softened butter (salted preferred, if not just add it)

parmesan (optional)

  1. whisk eggs together and season accordingly.
  2. dice the red bell pepper and onion.
  3. heat a pan to medium-high with butter and add the onion.
  4. once the onion has softened, add the red bell pepper. whilst waiting for the onion to soften, take the butter and spread it on the bread- be generous!
  5. heat up another pan to medium and place the bread (cold pan). meanwhile, grate the parmesan cheese (optional).
  6. once the bread has turned golden brown and crispy on one side, flip it over.
  7. pour the eggs into the pan and scramble! i like to make downward motions. you don’t want your eggs to be super clumpy or they’ll just fall off of the toast.
  8. finish the toast and transfer to plate, place eggs on top. sprinkle parmesan cheese (optional)
  9. enjoy!