Raw, Vegan, and Delicious Cheesecake!

hi, sister three here! i’ve become more interested in the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle and when i realized that that i had cashews, i immediately turned to chocolatecoveredkatie.com. they have so many nut-based desserts and i’ve always wondered if they’d work and wow, it works! i didn’t even soak the cashews for 8 hours, i only soaked them for three (i was impatient) and it was perfect. i had to let the “cheesecake” rest for a bit while i was blending it because the mixture kept on heating up. i also had to freeze the cheesecake for half an hour or so to firm it up without giving it too many ice crystals. for those wondering about the cashews, trust me you won’t even taste them! i don’t think that this cheesecake can fool someone into thinking that it’s a New York cheesecake, but it’s so delicious that they won’t notice. you can make a graham cracker crust with vegan butter (i think), or use the crust offered in chocolatecoveredkatie’s post. i really hope that you decide to make this considering you probably have every ingredient needed (besides maybe cashews) and enjoy it as much as i do!

hereย is the link to the recipe!




Yogurt Cake

ImageI made this yogurt cake for my birthday this past Saturday. Try the recipe here. Very easy to make and delicious. I substituted the Olive Oil with Vegetable Oil because I ran out, and added a little bit of rosewater out of personal preference. Wish you could be here to enjoy it with me sisters.


Sister 1

Simple Graham Cracker Cookies! No-Bake!

These cookies can be made vegan with vegan graham crackers.

This recipe is taken from about.com, and are deelicous! WARNING: these cookies are SUPER dense, due to the peanut butter. I’m sure you could add eggs to make the batter lighter.
Recipe-ย http://vegetarian.about.com/od/vegancookierecipes/r/grahamcookies.htm

I added cinnamon and brown sugar, because they go so darn well with graham crackers :3 Instead of margarine, I just went with butter.


-Sister 3!

The Best Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies EVER


Hi Sisters,

These are the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever had, period. I’ve been using this recipe since 2009 (ha, ha..so long ago!) The recipe lives here:ย http://www.cookiemadness.net/2008/05/another-crunchy-chocolate-chip-cookie-recipe-all-butter/. It really is all in the butter – and the baking powder. Otherwise, school is off for another 2 days so I’ve been trying to bake and get work done. I can’t wait for our big trip ๐Ÿ™‚ Miss you,

Sister 1


Rustic Apple Tart


Hi sisters. I’m sure you’ve heard all about the storm we are having up in New York. Thankfully, I am safe where I am, so no need to worry. This morning, I felt pretty lucky and decided to bake a rustic apple tart. The original recipe can be found here:ย http://www.tasteofhome.com/Recipes/Rustic-Caramel-Apple-Tart

The only difference is that I didn’t use a caramel sauce – the tart was very much sweet on its own! I also made thin slices and then chopped in half instead of doing chunks. The crust is really delicious, and flaky/buttery in all the best ways.

Love you,

Sister 1


So good!

You will need-

Powdered Sugar

1/4 stick of butter

Peanut butter (preferably smooth and creamy)

Vanilla Extract


Cream the butter with powdered sugar.

After it is “buttercream” texture, add the peanut butter.

Add the vanilla extract and stir.

Enjoy ๐Ÿ˜€




Bouchon Bakering – inside the mall at Columbus Circle at 59th street. The TKO cookie, but think gourmet Oreo. The cream was delish and the cracker was real chocolate. So good! Right before this, we went to the Anderson Cooper show ๐Ÿ˜‰

Pretzel croissant from the City Bakery – Pam took me here on my birthday. Everything is really delicious and I love the decor. They also have a great lunch buffet if you’ve got the $$$. ๐Ÿ™‚