Simple Graham Cracker Cookies! No-Bake!

These cookies can be made vegan with vegan graham crackers.

This recipe is taken from, and are deelicous! WARNING: these cookies are SUPER dense, due to the peanut butter. I’m sure you could add eggs to make the batter lighter.

I added cinnamon and brown sugar, because they go so darn well with graham crackers :3 Instead of margarine, I just went with butter.


-Sister 3!


The Best Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies EVER


Hi Sisters,

These are the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever had, period. I’ve been using this recipe since 2009 (ha, long ago!) The recipe lives here: It really is all in the butter – and the baking powder. Otherwise, school is off for another 2 days so I’ve been trying to bake and get work done. I can’t wait for our big trip 🙂 Miss you,

Sister 1




Bouchon Bakering – inside the mall at Columbus Circle at 59th street. The TKO cookie, but think gourmet Oreo. The cream was delish and the cracker was real chocolate. So good! Right before this, we went to the Anderson Cooper show 😉

Pretzel croissant from the City Bakery – Pam took me here on my birthday. Everything is really delicious and I love the decor. They also have a great lunch buffet if you’ve got the $$$. 🙂

red velvet cookies/whoopie pies

low and behold, we finally made some red velvet something. sister 3 has been begging to make a cake forever, but I felt like doing a twist on red velvet somehow, and came across this beautiful recipe from bakerella.  Red Velvet Cookies

the two best things: red velvet cookies + a marshmallow filling.

the marshmallow filling we made way too much due to a miscalculation on my part, but we found it off this website. I would say just half it, for future reference. see here: A Busy Nest: Red Velvet Whoopie Pies

it wasn’t hard at all, but the consistency of the batter for the red velvet cookie part was a little bizarre and super gooey – it seemed too dry, so then I added more egg which then made it super duper gooey, so then I added flour…not really sure what happened, we may have had a bigger bag of mix than we were supposed to, but otherwise it turned out deliciously.

also, red so red. hands were red. everything in the kitchen seemed tinged with red. agh.



of care packages and food for studying

First of all, I loved the care package I recieved for my birthday from Sister 1, Sister 3, and Mom and Dad! The cookies are top-notch, and I think I like the ones with the jam center the best (thanks, Mom!). You have no idea how these cookies saved my stomach while I tried to study in my room this week. Most of the time I can’t concentrate, so I usually head to Ground Zero, a student-run coffee house, with some friends until midnight, when it closes. Then, we either head up to the guys’ floor at Marks Tower or to the lounge in Marks Hall, which is an excellent place to study after midnight. Before midnight, as I discovered tonight, it’s less a place to study and more a place to play piano, the cello, or the ukelele in. It was entertaining, but eventually, I gave up and just caught up on my Facebook notifications. Notifications are what make me hate my birthday sometimes, haha. Anyways, I had an excellent time with the candy included in either the birthday care package or the one before that; below, you’ll find pictures of me with the Nerds (ingenious box!) as well as my friend Danielle and me with our late-night meals. Thank goodness for the exercise machines in the New lobby, or I think I’d have a triple chin by now. Would my systers still love me? Maybe, maybe not. Ha! We’re going out for a legitimate sushi lunch tomorrow as well as heading to the LA County Fair that afternoon, so I’ll write about good eats and fair food (cotton candy!) later this weekend.

Til then,
Sister 2

me and a box of half-and-half nerds. delicious!

i was obsessed with the separation of the flavors at the moment. give me a break, it was definitely 3 in the morning at the time!

avocado sushi and a tuna sandwich to share 🙂 add in some strong tea to keep me awake, and then i can write a paper. om nom nom.

Carmelized Sugar Cookies

Recipe link: click here!

Hi this is Sister 3 here! Yesterday Sister 1 and Sister 3 made Carmelized Sugar Cookies. They were good but a bit too salty 🙂

Milk is very good with the cookies. They were crispy and good. By an accident i didn’t put enough sugar to make the carmel.

The caramel was very hot but a deep golden brown color. I wanted to lick it out of the pan 🙂 Carmel is easy to make but a sticky mess! You get sugar and melt it. You keep mixing it till it gets that brown color. When it’s a solid it’s stale and hard. 🙂 Bye for now!

This is Tuna, Sister 1’s panda eating the delicous salty cookies.