happy friendsgiving from socal!

Hey systers,

So soon, and we’ll all be together again! Only 2 more nights until I see Sister 1 again, and 2 weeks until I see Sister 3, and 3 weeks until we all see each other again in Taiwan, home of delicious food galore. Can our stomachs handle it? I hope so. Well, here’s my Thanksgiving post, and I’m sorry it took me so long. That fall semester crunch after Thanksgiving break gets me every time!

Well, I celebrated meaningful Thanksgiving with my friends Lily, Noelia, and Nelson. Since we were staying in Lily’s apartment for the break, it made sense to gather our small potluck party there. Nelson brought the Martinelli, Lily was in charge of sweet potato fries and dip, Noelia covered the pumpkin pie, and I made mac&cheese (out of the box, yes). Also, frozen pizza…’Twas a feast in the eyes of us young undergrads, to be sure. Oh, and egg nog was had, of course. There may not be a happier Thanksgiving moment than eating the leftovers straight out of the bowl with your best friends.

Real Thanksgiving was spent working at one of President Nikias’s many holiday parties, this one a Thanksgiving feast for students.They paid us for the entire time we were there, even though we were let off 2 hours early. So I got paid to stuff my face with incredibly delicious Thanksgiving food? No complaints here.Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans, all that good stuff cooked to perfection. One more word: pie. I actually had a hard time moving at a normal pace afterwards…Ultimate food coma. Not unlike the one I’m prepared to experience every night we’re in Taiwan.

Can’t wait to see you guys 🙂
Love always,
Sister 2


Guacamole c:

Hey, Systers!

I’m finally going to tell you about the guacamole I made for a potluck at my friend’s apartment, since I know you guys were dying to hear about it. Ha ha. I used a recipe I got from a friend, who got it off this website: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alton-brown/guacamole-recipe/index.html

Since I didn’t feel like investing in a whole bunch of spices, I just used the avocados, onion, tomatoes, garlic, salt, and whatever other spices I could find in our cafe at the house. I got the amount of each recommended, except I’d say that the onion can get a little overpowering, so I’d recommend using maybe a third of the onion instead. The second time I made it, I used garlic powder instead of a clove of garlic, and it worked just as well. For the spices I could rummage up, I sprinkled in pepper, salt, and chili powder.

Basically, it ended up super delicious, and I’ll definitely be making it for the family when I come home 🙂

Love love love,
Syster 2


me trying to make my guac look cool.

Nice Cheese Dip!

Today i made a “cheese dip” from scratch! I used-

1 triangle of Light Creamy Swiss Cheese (The Laughing Cow)

Dried Pepper Flakes

Dried Parsley Flakes

Big chunky sea salt


Japanese Seasoning

Mix all together. Add cheese, then salt, then parsley, then pepper, then pepper flakes, then the seasoning 🙂

Afterwards, dip chips into the cheese mix! (I used tortilla chips and sour cream onion pringles!)

-Sister 3!