Chinatown Summer Nights

Greetings, systers!

While you all were laughing and cornholing (ha! panda bread making, really) without me, I was off experiencing Chinatown Summer Nights, which I think I’ll return to next weekend. It’s like the Downtown L.A. Art Walk but with some Chinese flavor, mmm. I went with my friend Katrina, and we food trucked and made lanterns, among other things. Gap had a taco truck there (Pico de Gap!), and they were selling two tacos + a drink + a $20 off Gap jeans coupon for $1.69. The tacos were crazy delicious; I got a tofu one and one with carnitas. After tacos, we wandered for a little while, explored the little shops, and made lanterns with the kiddies (flashes of Chinese school!). Before catching the bus to head back, we went back to this food truck called “The Munchie Machine” and waited in a long, long line for a maple bacon s’more (for Katrina) and grilled vegetables with pesto and feta cheese (for me). Needless to say, the line was trĂ©s worth it (French!).

I’m making guacamole for a potluck this Friday! Hopefully I won’t mess it up…you can’t go wrong with guac, right?
Syster 2

my grilled veggies from the munchie machine! so good

they had scooby snacks, too!